Given the current need for social distancing in this stressful time of COVID-19, JC's TaeKwon-Do has moved its classes online via ZOOM meetings!

Please contact Mr. Ripley (via jripley@jcstaekwondo.com, 902-667-5425, or by direct message on facebook) to be added to the JC's TKD Training Group on facebook.


Check out our school's ranking on the list of the "Most Popular Coaches in Canada in 2017."

Since its grand opening in 2002, JC's TaeKwon-Do's unique style of martial arts and physical training has provided its members with more than just a great workout... its classes have fostered self-confidence, individual safety, discipline, and mental-focus.

The personable and highly-effective teaching techniques of head instructor Mr Jim Ripley, 5th Degree Black Belt, International Instructor, have brought his students to repeated local, national and international success and recognition and for those not interested in competing it has brought health, flexibility and fun.

Now, in addition to our widely successful ITF Taekwon-do and Little Dragons programs, JC's is proud to offer a new and exciting programs to our community: kickboxing, a 50+ martial arts program, and a special needs martial arts program. Located in the Sobey's Mall on South Albion Street in Amherst, JC's TaeKwon-Do can combine convenience with affordability for both our adult members who want to expand their physical training; as well as for our child members who want to increase their self-confidence, discipline, focus and overall health!

JC's TaeKwon-Do Martial Arts School runs a multitude of classes providing benefits that include: self defence, physical and mental fitness, respect, integrity, self-control, self esteem, and sportsmanship. Give us a call today to find the program that will help you attain your health and fitness goals!

Our students benefit from expert instructor guidance, state of the art facilities, and a wide assortment of classes including a variety of target skill levels, techniques, ages and styles:
  • NEW! Golden Dragons (50+ program)
  • NEW! A customized Special Needs TaeKwon-Do program
  • Kickboxing
  • Womens' Self-Defence
  • Little Dragons TaeKwon-Do, Ages 4 - 6years old
  • Children's Beginner TaeKwon-Do, Ages 6 - 12 years (White and Yellow Stripe)
  • Adult Beginner TaeKwon-Do, Ages 13 and up (White and Yellow Stripe)
  • Children's Intermediate TaeKwon-Do (Yellow to Blue Stripe)
  • Adult Intermediate TaeKwon-Do (Yellow to Blue Stripe)
  • Children's Advance TaeKwon-Do(Blue to Black belt)
  • Adult Advance TaeKwon-Do (Blue to Black belt)
  • The Art of Nunchucku
  • The Art of the Bo-Staff (long staff)
  • The Art of the Jo-Staff (short staff)
  • The Art of the Japanese Sword

Students of JCs TaeKwon-Do have competed in every major TaeKwon-Do competition across Canada and around the world and have gained a reputation for meticulous pattern execution, and a combination of spirited, determined and focused sparring techniques. The same success can be achieved in your own personnal goals!

Mr Ripley continues to enjoy a very successful career in competing, medaling in every competition he has entered. In 2001, he had the honour of becoming the Eastern Canadian and National ITF champion in sparring and he successfully held the Eastern Canadian title for 4 years straight.

His students follow his example of success closely, earning the school multiple medals at each showing. But the most important results achieved at JC's TaeKwon-Do aren't measured in competition wins... they are measured in self-worth, self-confidence, discipline and pride.

  JC's TaeKwon-Do
  142 S. Albion St., Unit 176
  Amherst, N.S., B4H 4H4
  902.667.KICK (5425)